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The other day I picked up the latest Backwoods Home Mag issue and they had have an article on Aquaponics. I've read a little bit about it and types of systems and watched alot of videos on YouTube.

Basically, Aquaponics is a system that cycles like Hydroponics but has a tank of fish. The fish waste is the fertilizer that is cycles through the plant feeders and then back to the fish tank...Better and more detailed explanations can be found, but that's it.

The one problem i've seen on home made systems on Youtube is that alot of thought goes into the pants and pumping system, but the fish aren't cared for. Since this is a system of two sources of food (fish and veggies) I would hope anyone doing this in the future would keep this in mind.

It is a great idea, that can be done on a msall scale...not sure how small...I know I'd like to do it but for now it's on my list of 'want to dos"
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  • small correction, the mag is Back Home, not Backwood home
    • there are both mag names
      id suggest tilapia as a fish
      less trouble, more output
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        never heard of this, great idea! I'm sprouting willows in my water trough with gold fish in it. Maybe there is something to that? I've always used my goldfish as starter mom's for rooting. They nibble away all the algae on the new roots .. that is why I thought it worked so well
        • They farm tilapia, makes a big fish. That's what I'd go for and the fact that you harvest the fish would make you concerned for their care.
          • i ran a 143 acre commercial aquaculture facility for 5 years
            north american fresh water gamefish
            there is actually quite bit of work goes into raising fish
            but it is doable and worth it
            the important thing is start small
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              143 ACRES!!!!! OH GGGAAAWWWWWWWwwwwww that must have been a LOT of work!
              • it was fun, one of the jobs ive enjoyed most
                • That's sounds cool beast. I've checked out CA hatcheries. They do some thinking about it now and try and raise a native stocker. How effective that is, I don't know. I love to fish fresh water. I don't put my nose up to stockers either. Some of my friends are obsessed with natives and catch and release. I fly fish but sometimes it's fun to get into an aluminum boat on a lake with a spinning rod and catch and eat.
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                    i have never and will never fish for sport
                    same for hunting, i eat what i kill
                    i kill anything i hurt seriously
                    and i only hunt or fish when im hungry
                    • i see absolutely bo sport in luring a poor dumb animal to its death cuz its hungry
                      have any of you ever considered that the hungriest aNd fastest fish,
                      the ones that bite the hook,
                      are usually the best of their species, the fastest growers?
                      so by catching them you are leaving the slower weaker ones to spawn and pass on their genetics?
                    • Well, I like to fish places that would be impractical for filling the freezer (I like fresh fish, I will eat frozen but..) so I eat when I catch. As far as catch and release, I do it.
                      I'm not a purist.
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                        I'm married to a F&G Warden, I catch and release according to the law
                        but fish for food, not sport

                        I love ocean WAY more than fresh water fishing!! Yummy white seabass... ooooo making me hungry!

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